Janice Feist

Bracebridge, Ontario
Janice Feist’s studio overlooks a beautiful rolling field embraced by granite outcropping and forest. It is the perfect place for her to create. Her work has an impressionistic bent to it, however, she also has an eye for detail. She loves to challenge herself with different painting materials and tools which allows her to speak through a voice of colour, texture and light. She tells a story with each of her paintings, whether through real experience or an imagined one. Her work is sparked by the differences in the mediums she uses to express herself, whether it be acrylic, oil, watercolour, ink and soft pastels and by her love of the Canadian landscape, flora and fauna. She exhibits in numerous juried & group shows as well as solo exhibitions like her “For the Love of Horses”.

These pieces are available to purchase

These pieces are available to purchase

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