Custom Framing

More than paintings and photos, we frame memories…. memorabilia, sports mementos, medals, love letters, children’s art, war medals….the list is only limited by one’s imagination.

Various Moulding Samples


Martin’s has partnered with the best in the industry; Larson-Juhl, FOTIOU, ROMA Mouldings, Moulding Suppliers who only use the highest quality materials sourced from around the world to ensure that your precious Artworks are protected, well presented, and enjoyed for generations to come.


Conservation & Preservation

Conservation framing is an important part of the framing process. It doesn’t matter if you are framing a photograph from your recent vacation or an antique piece of art, we understand how important it is to use the proper materials to preserve your treasures.

We only use high-quality conservation matboards, acid-free backing boards, and either wood or metal frames (never plastic). All of these materials are designed to promote protection for the item being framed and minimize the damage caused by pollutants and acidity often found in paper and fabric items.


The use of a high-quality archival mat board is important for the preservation of any item being framed. Alphamat Artcare mats are 100% acid-free and contain tiny microchambers within the board, that draw out pollutants from the environment


There are a variety of glass options available and different projects may require different glass choices. Glass provides the final protection between the framed item and the environment and it is important that the right glass is selected for each project. Choosing a good quality glass can protect framed items from harmful UV rays and prevent both fading and discolouration of artwork over time. Come into our store to see visual examples of the different types of glass available.

Project Completion

With so many moulding styles and mat board options, while some of the most popular framing options are “in stock”, most customer’s selection’s are brought in specifically for them.

All framing is done on-site, and this allows Martin’s to complete most orders within 3 weeks.